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Jarl2d Reaches Beta
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PositionPath release
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Java Animation Rendering Library
What Jarl can do for you...
Jarl2D is a tool for creating stunning 2D animations with no programming required. Complex animations can be easily created from simple xml files. There are currently over 50 examples and more being added constantly.
Jarl2D also comes with a simple GUI that allows you to quickly expirement and develop your animations.
If you are a developer, you'll enjoy the plugin model for extending Jarl2D, to add your custom shapes, filters, and other plugin types of objects.

Wednesday, April 30 -- 2003
Updated Getting Started Documentation
One of my immediate goals with the Jarl2d project, it to try to incrementally improve the documentation. (Not one of my strenghts). With that in mind, i've updated the Getting Started section. I hope this is useful for new users. As always, if you have any questions please let me know, and i'll do my best to answer them.

Monday, April 28 -- 2003
Jarl2d Reaches Beta
Jarl2d inches closer to its first release with Jarl2d 0.5: Beta1. This release brings:
As always, feel free to send me your feedback. Happy animating!

Thursday, April 24 -- 2003
PositionPath release
Along with some GUI enhancements (better rendering feedback and error handling) the latest release contains a new Trait: Position Path Check it out!.

Tuesday, April 22 -- 2003
Jarl2d Releases 0.3 -- Brand New UI
Jarl2d has a completely new face. Jarl2d's GUI was completely rewritten from the ground-up to make animation creation even easier. There is a brand new Object Tree viewer which allows you to visually inspect all the objects that make up your animation.
Jarl Shell Jarl Shell Unix Object Tree Viewer
Jarl2d's new cross platform GUI also supports rendering full animations from the GUI. It also has a much more responsive rendering pipeline as well as other usability features that will make Jarl2d animation creation a much improved expirience.

Tuesday, April 22 -- 2003
New Color Guide
With the latest release of jarl2d, there is an expanded set of built-in colors as well as a useful color guide.
ColorGuide (See example20.xml for creating the color guide)
OrangeRed MediumRed Red Scarlet VioletRed
Orchid MediumOrchid DarkOrchid DarkPlum BlueViolet
Fuchsia Pink Plum Violet SpicyPink
DarkPurple Purple MediumVioletRed NeonPink Salmon
MidnightBlue DarkBlue NewMidnightBlue NeonBlue RichBlue
Sky SteelBlue SlateBlue Blue CadetBlue
CornFlower DarkSlate LightBlue DarkGreenCopper Firebrick
Sienna Orange MediumGoldenrod MandarinOrange Goldenrod
Coral BrightGold Yellow LimeGreen GreenYellow
DarkOliveGreen YellowGreen SpringGreen SeaGreen LightGreen
MediumSpringGreen MediumSeaGreen MediumForestGreen ForestGreen HunterGreen
DarkGreen Green Aquamarine Aqua MediumAquamarine
MediumTurquoise Turquoise MediumSlateBlue MediumBlue DarkTurquoise
LightSteelBlue Brown CoolCopper Copper Brass
Bronze BronzeII Gold OldGold Silver
LightGray DustyRose DarkTan Feldspar Quartz
NewTan LightWood MediumWood DarkWood BakersChocolate
DarkBrown GreenCopper IndianRed Khaki Chocolate
Tan Thistle Wheat LightGrey DimGrey
Grey DarkSlateGrey Black Gray Lime
Maroon Navy Olive White Teal

Monday, April 21 -- 2003
Updates coming soon
I Just wanted to provide some details about the next alpha release coming by the end of the week. It will contain the following:
  • Bug fixes like stripping the line feeds off of the *nix shell files
  • Fixed the Trace Trait
  • Added a bunch of new built in colors
  • A totally revamped GUI
I'm very excited about the new GUI. It allows you far more control over your Jarl project like controlling the dimensions of the frame (for quick previews) as well as a detailed look into all of the current Jarl Objects being used by your project. Look for the new release soon!

Friday, April 11 -- 2003
DirectX commandLine avi builder for jarl2d images
You can now use this DirectX based tool on windows systems to generate avi files from your rendered jarl2d images. Just download the zip file and extract it to a directory. From a command prompt type:

createMovie.bat renderedImageDir outputName.avi

and your images will be converted into a movie.

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