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PositionPath release
Jarl2d reaches Beta
Monday, April 28 -- 2003
Jarl2d (Beta 1) is available for download Here. Check out the info here for details.

Thursday, April 24 -- 2003
Jarl2d is available for download Here. This latest release includes many enhancements from the initial release including
  • A brand new GUI built from the ground up (see here for screen shots)
  • Enhanced documentation available online as well as with the Jarl2d distribution
  • Many bug-fixes, usability enhancements, and full animation rendering from the GUI
  • A brand new PositionPath trait

Thursday, April 10 -- 2003
Jarl2d is now available for download Here

Friday, April 10 -- 2003
DirectX commdandLine Movie Maker
You can now use this DirectX based tool on windows systems to generate avi files from your rendered jarl2d images.

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