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Jarl2D Features Overview
Jarl2D is a tool that generates a series of bitmap images (or optionally jpegs). Every aspect of the animation's content can be easily controlled and manipulated over the course of the animation.

Jarl2D Animation Objects
Jarl2D separates animation objects into four main groups
objects that represent basic shapes like rectangles, ellipses and lines, etc...
objects that transform widgets like resize, rotate, painter, transparent, etc...
objects that change the way shapes are drawn like sin, trace, precision
objects that perform complex filtering like marble, twirl, water, etc...
This picture shows some simple widgets. A rectangle, an ellipse, and three verticle lines. Each widget can be individually configured, positioned and altered using traits, strokes and filters.
This picture shows a simple ellipse widget that has had some traits applied to it. It was rotated, and painted with a gradient color. Traits can be applied to individual widgets or to groups of widgets. Traits, like any other Jarl2d object can change over time. For instance, the speed of rotation can increase or descrease over the lifetime of the widget.
This is a simple line that has had a Sin stroke applied to it. Strokes can alter widgets by actually drawing the shape differently. Currently, there are only three strokes: Sin (shown here), Trace which draws only a portion of the widget, and Precision, which changes the precision of the outline of a widget.
This picture shows a series of horizontal lines with a Water filter applied to it. There are a variety of dramatic effects that can be created using filters. Filters can also be applied to widgets individually, or to the canvas as a whole.

Jarl2D GUI
Jarl2D has an easy to use GUI that allows the animation artist the ability to quickly expirement with the animation. The GUI also allows the user to save rendered images. Please Note, There is a new updated GUI with the 0.3 release. See the news here.
The user can make any modification to the jarl2d xml config file and then immediately re-render the frame. The user can also advance to any aribitrary frame and render that frame.

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